Post construction and renovation site cleaning

The team of specialists at Ménagez-vous guarantees post-construction or renovation site cleanup in the greater Montréal area at competitive prices!

At the end of the job, builders worry about removing and seeking out all the leftover dirt and dust. Our experienced team of professionals carefully cleans the site while clearing away all rubble; resin, cement, sawdust, or PVC residue; and any other dirt caused by the construction. We then move on to cleaning the ventilation and discharge ducts in order to remove all residue. We use single-brush machines or automatic scrubber-dryers on the floors to thoroughly clean them and remove dirt.

Our specialized team also guarantees that the sites are secured and that the air is disinfected: they air out the buildings to eliminate the odours of the materials and to freshen up the air in the space. We also clean condos, model homes, trailers, and sales offices.

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